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WanderLove Itinerary

Follow your WanderLove impulse and escape to tradition in Franklin Southampton. Whether you are headed our way from highway 58 or down route 460, you’ll be glad you made the trip! Charming Downtown Franklin is lined with specialty shops, boutiques and restaurants, all with shop owners ready to greet you. Southampton County is known for its peanuts and you can try different flavors while exploring country roads. There are plenty of ways to get outside and enjoy the outdoors – kayak and fish the scenic Blackwater and Nottoway Rivers. Your trip to Franklin Southampton will be a relaxing way to reconnect as you explore this special piece of rural Virginia.

Wander Love  (5)Start your adventure in Downtown Franklin, our delightful retail cluster comprised of boutiques and specialty stores. Anything from cupcakes and wine to jewelry and clothes to gifts and home décor! Do not miss out on the wonderful dining option in Downtown Franklin either!


Wander Love  (4)Take a walk to the edge of Main Street to Barrett’s Landing, our quaint river-side park. Launch a kayak into the Blackwater River or pack your tacklebox for a peaceful afternoon of fishing! While exploring, check out the murals located in Downtown Franklin, from our welcome mural to ones that show our great history.


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 Join us in Franklin on a Wednesday evening and walk through the Franklin Cruise In, a classic car show and explore Franklin’s Market on Main. You are sure to see awesome rides and find wonderful produce and fresh baked goodies. Bonus, the market is open on Saturdays as well!


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Head out of Franklin on Highway 58 to explore Southampton County. Not only will you travel along picturesque roads, but you can shop at awesome local businesses. Do not miss Grayson and Emma’s Garden Spot or the Peanut Patch (try the pimento cheese at both stops).

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 Did you know the county is home to seven peanut companies? The Virginia jumbo peanut is quite the celebrity around these parts, so stop by any of these retail storefronts for the tasty snack in many different flavors: Belmont Peanuts, Gurganus Peanuts, Hubs Peanuts, Newsoms Peanuts, the Peanut Patch and VPC Gourmet Market.


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Last stop? Gather the family and friends for a photo at our LOVEwork mural located in Downtown Franklin. You’ll capture a memento of your visit to Franklin Southampton Virginia!